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Star LED
Star LED 2000 is a sealed luminaire designed to for perimeter illumination and
ideal for installation on walls, in passageways, entrances to car parks, etc.
Available in white. Can be ordered in grey.

Body: UV stabilized polycarbonate.

Optical system: Polycarbonate light diffuser and a reflector which has been painted white and has a high light reflection rate (90%).

Lens: Tempered opal glass.

Light source: High efficiency LED module with high color accuracy � CRI 70; color temp. 4,000�K and 5,000�K.

Reflector: High reflectability white coated steel.

Gear: Driver. A model with a 1-10V dimmer or DALI is available by order..

Installation: For installation at heights of 2-6m.

Finish: white. Can be ordered in grey.

Type Cat. No. Lumen Output
of Luminaire
(including driver)

2000 5794Z14 1,350Lm 16W
4000 5794Z24 2,600Lm 31W
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