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Bulkhead Star is a heavy duty wall mounted HID light fixture designed for outdoor industrial use, ideal for perimeter lighting, external walls, aisles, parking entrances and other uses.

Body: UV stabilized polycarbonate.

Lens: Tempered opal glass.

Reflector: High reflectability white coated steel.

Gear: Integral.

Installation: For installation at heights of 2-6m.

Finish: Granite grey .
Cat. No. Lamp Watts
579334 TCD 1 X 18W  
579346 TCD 1 X 26W  
579301 HST 1 X 70W  
579323 HIE 1 X 100W  
579344 TCD 2 X 18W
579356 TCD 2 X 26W
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