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Neptune Flat
Neptune Flat is an indoor high-bay luminaire designed for illuminating industrial areas such as, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, factory assembly lines and distribution centers.

Body: Aluminum, epoxy-polyester powder coating.

Lens: Prismatic tempered glass.

Reflector: High purity anodized aluminum.

Gear: Integrated on a removable tray.

Installation: For installation at heights of 4-7m, on ceiling or recessed in either imperial, mm dimensions ceilings.

Finish: White. Custom colours from RAL catalogue available.
Cat. No. Lamp Watts
572204 HIT/HST 1 X 250W
 572212  CWA  1 X 250W  
572205 HST 1 X 400W
572214 HIT 1 X 400W
572215 CWA 1 X 400W
572265 CWA+SB 1 X 400W
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